Candidates often seek to save money when filing for immigration to Canada by putting up an express entry profile on their own. Subsequently, an invitation to apply is issued by the Canadian government. The self-filed express entry profile then must be supported by documentation. Such documentation would include evidence of work experience and education.
Clients who have filed their own express entry profile at the beginning sometimes misinterpret their experience and consequently input their work experience and/or education incorrectly.

For example, a client may, on the strength of their job title as “manager” write down their experience as that of a manager. However, as is often the case, the job title of manager may be inappropriate; the candidate’s actual day-to-day duties may not be consistent with the Canadian government’s definition of manager, which often requires, among other things, the management of people. In such situations, the Invitation To Apply may not have been issued by the Immigration Department but for the client’s exaggerated or embellished level of duties and responsibilities.
If such a candidate continues with the invitation to apply and submits an application, then their application may be refused, and the refusing officer may make a finding of misrepresentation. The finding of misrepresentation with lead to a ban of the person from entering Canada for five years.
To avoid such disappointment, you should hire an immigration lawyer prior to uploading an Express Entry profile. A competent immigration lawyer will ask for corroborating documents prior to uploading your express entry profile to ensure that you are not exaggerating your work experience. This will help reduce the chance of being banned from Canada for five years.

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