Visitor Visas to Canada – The Real Guide

By Author: Admin | July 9, 2013

Democratic government bureaucracies, via their websites, provide information for meeting criteria such as visitor visas. The government websites are tasked with providing the criteria by which to obtain a visitor visa. Some variation in the criteria is allowed depending on your home country of citizenship. The goal nevertheless, is to provide fair and consistently delivered services, with intelligible outcomes and due process.

The reality for a visitor visa to Canada is for most applicants not in accordance with the above vaunted goals. Obtaining a visitor visa to Canada may be one of the most difficult visas to obtain for many applicants. The required  documentation listed is deceptively simple according to the CIC website; the document list fails to accommodate the diverse circumstances of a visitor’s history such as their ties to Canada versus their country of citizenship, their assets in their home country, their travel history to developed countries, and their purpose of visiting Canada. The official statistics on acceptance rates for TRVs are bundled with work permits and study permits to obfuscate the extremely high failure rate for tourists.

Some applicants diligently provide evidence in support of a visitor visa, and said evidence is routinely ignored by visa officers. One example of blatant indifference by the immigration department to visitor visa applications is the case of AGIDI cited HERE. Such a decision, despite the strong words by the Judge are merely a slap on the wrist to a visa officer who will no doubt repeat this sloppy consideration despite being faced with a carefully collated visitor visa application. Indeed, even in the very same case of AGIDI , which was subject to success at the federal court may end up being a Pyrrhic victory, as the next visa officer who is tasked to revisit the decision merely has to state that they considered the documentation supplied by the applicant seeking the visa prior to refusing it once again.

CIC does not want to tell you that most applicants need not apply – the risk of a foreign national going underground and working at a menial job is too great. For some it may be one of the most difficult visas to obtain unless you are deemed to be very well off in your country of origin (perhaps having a noticeably higher than average wage in your country of origin), and have a travel history to developed countries. For example if you are making the equivalent of CAD $30,000 or more in your country of origin, you would not likely be inclined to visit Canada and work underground in a low-level job such as pumping gasoline or bussing tables in a restaurant. Although counterintuitive it is easier to apply for a work or study permit (if staying temporarily) or a Permanent Residence application (if being sponsored).

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