What you should know about immigration to Canada

By Author: Admin | November 22, 2011

  1. The first thing you should know about immigration to Canada is that once you get there, it’s big. It’s huge. In fact it is the second largest country on the planet, second only to Russia for total land area. When you couple that with the fact that it has some 28 million people less than the United Kingdom (…for those really ‘into’ statistics, the UK population is estimated to be 61,838,154 as of 2011.  The Canadian population a mere 33,739,900 at the same time…), whilst being over 40 times bigger means that out on the Canadian Prairies, if you really don’t want to be around other people then you don’t have to be. And yet, in places like Montreal, Toronto or Québec, with their vibrancy, life and diverse cultures, you could mistake some of these areas with the urban centres of Europe!
  2. The Canadian Government is actively seeking immigration to Canada. When other countries like the UK are trying to close the door on immigration saying they’re already too full, as you can see, in Canada, there’s space for everyone!  That doesn’t mean that the Canadians have a totally open-door policy about immigration to Canada though. They are only looking for people who are eager, qualified and ready to seek The Canadian Dream. It’s out there waiting for you, but you have to actively work for it! The Canadians are also looking to embrace multiculturalism. While stipulating that you learn either of their languages (…more on that later…), they are keen that you should bring your culture with you and that you should integrate fully and participate in The Canadian Way of Life.
  3. When looking to immigrate to Canada, there are quite a few options to choose from when choosing the type of immigrant you should be classed as. For most people, when choosing a profession to pursue when they arrive, the choices are a career on the National Occupational Classification list. This is a list of 29 job titles (as of July 1 2011) ranging from health insurance clerks, to physiotherapists to chefs and cooks to plumbers. If they are not qualified and haven’t spent at least one year in one of the professions on the list, then they have to wait before applying.
  4. Canada has two official ‘state’ languages. English and French. Potential immigrants are screened and a language test (…in either one…) must be taken by all applicants. This is to ensure that everyone choosing immigration to Canada can at least understand and communicate with fellow Canadians! You don’t have to worry about this though, as resources for taking the tests can be found on the internet.

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