What you should know about a Canada immigration application

By Author: Admin | November 22, 2011

When you make a Canada immigration application, it is dealt by ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’.


  • The CIC as its known was created in 1994 to link the immigration services with Canadian citizen registration, to promote the unique ideals Canadians share and to help build a stronger country. In 2008, the multiculturalism program was moved from ‘Canadian Heritage’ to the CIC.
  • The CIC’s mission is to help build a stronger, more resilient, more vibrant Canada.
  • The CIC helps protect the health, safety and security of Canadians.
  • Its vision for Canada is a strong and secure country with shared ties of citizenship and honest values.

The CIC processes applications from people who hail from a broad spectrum of cultures.  Each Canada immigration, foreign students, temporary worker and visitor application the department receives is scrutinized and thoroughly checked for accuracy and discrepancies.

It also helps provide a safe haven for refugees, helping them to settle and integrate into the Canadian Way of Life.

In 2008, it helped over 178,000 immigrants to become Canadian citizens and they went on to take the oath of allegiance at ceremonies right across the country.

This oath is an important commitment for both the government and the New Canadian Citizen. It is a public sign that immigrants accept the responsibilities and privileges of Canadian Citizenship.

The CIC guides would be citizenship holders  through the whole application process to ensure that every applicant is dealt with, which may entail a request proof of citizenship and searches of citizenship, police records.

Canada has a long and proud tradition of welcoming immigrants. In 1947, Domestic Immigration Law went through many major changes, notable are the Immigration Act of 1976 and the current Immigration and Refugee Protection Act from 2002.

When you make a Canada immigration application, it must fall into one of the four major categories of:

  1. Family Class – People closely related to Canadian residents living in Canada.
  2. Economic Migrants – Skilled workers and business people.
  3. Refugees – People who are escaping torture, persecution or some other cruel and unusual form of punishment.
  4. Other – People accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons.

Most applicants who make a Canada immigration application fall into the ‘Economic Migrants’ category.  Within this category are the sub-categories of ‘Investor’ and ‘Entrepreneur’.  These sub-categories will fall outside many applicants’ admissions because they require many hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve.

Of more interest to the ‘average’ applicants are the sub-categories of ‘Skilled Worker’ or ‘Self-Employed’.

As a ‘Skilled Worker’, the applicant must either have a written offer of a job from a Canadian company which has proved to the Canadian Government that they couldn’t get the skills they needed locally from Canadians and therefore must recruit from oversees or the ‘Skilled Worker’ must have a particular field of expertise that the Canadian government are particularly looking for.

As a ‘Self-Employed’ worker, the applicant must show to the government that they are internationally renowned in their field, and are serious in setting up their own cultural endeavour, or can set up a farm, and that they intend to employ other Canadians apart from their own family members.

These and other classes of Canada immigration application often require expert help.

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