Toronto Immigration Lawyers: A bad Influence? (PNP)

By Author: Admin | December 6, 2009

Toronto Immigration Lawyers: A bad Influence? (PNP)

Toronto is the financial capital of Canada. The concentration of wealth in Toronto of necessity leads to spin-off endeavours in the arts, and other service industries of diverse skill levels.  People with various skills and backgrounds must be hired to fill these positions.

There many immigration lawyers in Toronto due to demand.  The demand comes from the immigrants who are settled in Toronto (and want their relatives to come to Canada), as well as the needs of various businesses resident in Toronto. However, by Canadian standards, Toronto has too many people.  Canada’s best agricultural land is near big cities like Toronto, and urban sprawl is paving over this highly arable land.  Toronto’s infrastructure is overtaxed in ways such as the gridlock on the 401, trying to get a seat on the TTC subway during rush-hour, and difficulties in finding a GO train that won’t breakdown.  Is this (in part) due to Toronto having too many immigration lawyers?

The government of Canada and the provincial governments of Canada have tried to address the desire to have immigrants settle in other parts of Canada (besides Toronto) with various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).  These programs tend to be driven by the short term employment needs in a province. As a consequence, the availability of these programs rises or falls depending on other factors such as the economic climate.

Although there are paths to permanent residency through the various PNPs, these are usually anchored in a requirement to have a job offer in the province, or to invest a sizeable amount of money in the province.  In the former scenario, a prospective immigrant’s long term physical presence in the province is likely (since a job is waiting for them).  In the latter scenario, the potential immigrant’s money would be lost if they leave the province (and that potential immigrant may lose the opportunity to acquire permanent resident status).

There are no doubt, a sizeable number of immigration lawyers outside of Toronto.  But in the age of cheap and abundant forms of communication, it is highly questionable as to whether the immigration lawyers in Toronto are at a disadvantage when offering to represent clients wishing to avail themselves of one of the PNP programs.  For example, my immigration law office is in Toronto, and I have had no difficulty in representing a client before the Newfoundland and Manitoba immigration authorities.

In summary, if there are too many people settling in Toronto, don’t blame immigration lawyers who are based in Toronto.


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