The Bogus concept of Anchor Babies

By Author: Admin | September 1, 2014

The Toronto Star cited a ‘secret proposal’ within Canada’s immigration department to remove citizenship rights to babies born in Canada to non-citizens. Similarly, in a struggle to remain relevant in the internet age, the food-porn periodical Toronto Life published a similar article, drenched in alarmist xenophobia about how Canadians are ‘suckers’ to persons from China, Iran, India, Dubai, Jamaica. Canadians are apparently ‘suckers’ for this queue jumping phenomenon of instant Canadian citizenship.

The numbers of babies involved per year (500 out of about 360,000), combined with the fact that some of these babies include offspring of foreign consular staff (who wouldn’t qualify for Canadian citizenship) don’t justify the ban of the ‘anchor baby’.

The immigration department conceded that there was a “significant operational and cost implication” to the recommendation, likely because this would force each province to modify the existing birth certificate regime to account for the country of citizenship. Apparently, the ideology of smaller, efficient government is more nuanced than simply decreasing social assistance and cutting government pensions – increasing government bureaucracy for certain endeavors is somehow worthwhile in this climate of fiscal austerity.

The reality is that children born in Canada to foreign parents confer no benefit to said parents. In theory, the Canadian born child can sponsor their foreigner parent with many qualifications: the said child must be at least 21, and have had a significant amount of annual Canadian income for the previous three years, and await about four to nine years of processing for the foreign parents to actually become Canadian permanent residents (assuming the once-fertile parents can pass the required immigration medical). Thus, about 30 years after the ‘anchor baby’ is born, the parents might be able to become Canadian.


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