Ten top tips you need on Immigration to Canada from the UK

By Author: Admin | August 1, 2011

Ten Top Tips for Immigration to Canada from the UK

1) Call or visit the Canadian High Commission in London. Their address is:
Macdonald House
1 Grosvenor Square
London, W1K 4AB
Telephone: 0207 258 6600
Fax: 0207 258 6333
The nearest tube station is in Bond Street, but Marble Arch tube is only a short walk away.
Please note that until summer 2012, Canada House, the High Commission’s educational and public space in Trafalgar Square is being refurbished and is therefore closed.

2) Decide where it actually is in Canada you want to move to.
Canada is an awfully big place, second only to Russia in size. Do you want to live in one of the large cities, full with bustling life and excitement, or would you rather settle in a quiet little town or village out on The Prairies?

3) Go there on holiday.
The glamour and excitement of two weeks on holiday is obviously a long way from living there full time, but by seeing a little of where you might want to stop and meeting the locals, it may give you a better idea of whether you want to put down roots.

4) Read up on it.
There are literally hundreds of good books on Immigration to Canada from the UK. Your local library will have books on this, and of course they can always ‘order in’ any publication you require from a more central library if necessary.

5) Use the Internet.
You could lose entire weeks of your time with the sheer amount of web space dedicated to everything Canada and searching the vast archives of knowledge available on Immigration to Canada from the UK. A quick ‘Google’ on the topic reveals nearly 35 million hits.

6) Get and study a copy of ‘Discover Canada The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship’.
This is freely downloadable from the Internet and at 68 pages makes a fascinating and worthwhile read. You’ll need it to pass the Citizenship Test, so this is highly recommended.

7) Talk to people who’ve already immigrated to Canada.
One of your reasons for wanting to immigrate in the first place may have been hearing stories from people who have already ‘made the jump’. Talk to them. See what it’s really like over there once the ‘gloss has worn off’ after the first few days and weeks. Again, using the Internet, see if there are any ex-patriots’ clubs nearby where you want to go.

8) Look for business opportunities in the area you wish to stay.
Maybe it’s a quaint ‘English Tea Shop’ in a little village somewhere out of the way you’d like to run? Maybe you have skills that would be saleable in the big cities of Vancouver or Toronto? Scour the online editions of the local papers for possible business opportunities.

9) Make sure your English or French are up to standard.
Part of the Citizenship Test involves your usage of either of these two languages, written and possibly verbal, but don’t worry! The Canadian Government offers free classes in either language to get you up to scratch.

10) Have enough money available to live on.
Don’t forget that you’ll need plenty of money to be able to draw on to tide you over until your first pay cheque arrives. This is why the Candian government requires a minimum amount of settlement funds for skilled workers.


So, here’s the best of luck to you as you choose Immigration to Canada from the UK
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