Immigration to Canada and Québec

By Author: Admin | August 10, 2011

Immigration to Canada and Québec


Immigration to Canada and Québec differs from other states and territories since it requires a separate application that is quite distinct from other Canadian areas. Also note that Québec is predominantly French speaking! (80% of the residents are Francophile.) If you have little or no knowledge of French, then you are strongly advised to learn it.

Things to consider for Immigration to Canada and Québec

When thinking about whether to immigrate to Canada and Québec in particular, you may want to ask yourself the following questions. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but you will see at the bottom of this post the contact details of where to get further information.

Is immigration to Canada and Québec for you?

With over 45,000 immigrants ever year from over 100 countries, do you want to participate in this vibrant multi-cultural, social and economic experience?

Do you share common values held by others who have chosen immigration to Canada and Québec and its surrounding society?

Do you want to experience the quality of life with the educational benefits, cultural issues, sports and recreational activities and its cost of living?

Do you have an idea of the current labour market, the employment outlook and do you know about the economic portrait of Québec?

If you can answer the above questions (…and many more like them!..), then the question becomes ‘What type of immigrant should I be?’

You can choose immigration to Canada and Québec in the following ways:-

  • As a Temporary Worker.
  • As a Permanent worker.
  • As a Business Person.
  • As a Foreign Student.

As a Temporary Worker, you must have an employer willing to offer you a job. This is complicated by the fact that the employer must be able to prove that as an employer, he can find no-one who is already a Canadian National that is suitable for the job.

As a Permanent Worker, Québec has to evaluate you as an individual worth of permanent residency. The Canadian government’s website has all the details of the best way to be selected and stand out from the crowd. You’d be advised to read and digest it thoroughly!

As a Business Person, you are strongly advised to find out if it is suitable for you and the kind of business you want to run. You are also strongly advised to come over on a trip to see for yourself the kinds of businesses that thrive in this area.

As a Foreign Student, you are advised to find out all you can about the kinds of courses offered in Québec centres of learning. Find out the costs, then once you have applied and been selected for an institution, you must obtain the necessary permissions and documents to enable you to stay in Québec legally.

Please Note: The Canadian authorities take a very dim view of people who initially choose immigration to Canada and Québec as students then overstay their welcome and ‘disappear’ into the system!

Also, beware of companies or individuals who say they can ‘fast-track’ your immigration application. The Québec Government does not give any preference to applicants who hire the services of these so-called ‘immigration application experts’!  When searching on the Internet for information regarding your possible application for immigration to Canada and Quebec, always look closely at the page you have landed on.  Are they offering unbelievable deals or offers of work?  Do there seem to be a huge amount of advertising on the page?  If the answer to either of these questions is ‘Yes!’, then read very, very carefully!

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