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We are the guardians of your rights when facing the Canadian immigration authorities – your defense. We serve you and protect your rights with integrity, innovation and diligence. We safeguard you from the complexity of the laws of Canada. We are located in the heart of Toronto, providing Immigration Services for future Canadians. You will get consulting on how to become a Canadian Citizen.

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Chaudhary Law Office provides full legal service in all facets of Canadian Immigration, including refused, delayed, and complex cases. Some of these cases often result in appearances at the Federal Court of Canada and the Immigration Refugee Board. We provide legal expertise in refusals or delays in processing of federal skilled workers, businesspersons, investors, sponsorship of parents, spouses, medical inadmissibility and criminal admissibility of the foregoing, loss of permanent resident status, loss of citizenship,  passport privileges, acquiring permanent residence while in Canada, and preventing removal from Canada through stays of deportation. Not accepted into Canada? We can help you! Call (416) 447 – 6118 Today.
    Immigration Services Max Chaudhary Offers:
  • Appeals And Applications
  • Applications from within Canada
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Permanent Residence in Canada
  • Temporary Entry to Canada
  • Immigration Refusals
  • Denied Entry to Canada
  • Sundry Cases

Canadian Immigration Services in Toronto by Max Chaudhary

The staff at Chaudhary Law Office has gained broad experience through the years from advising individuals, businesses, and immigration counselors, throughout Canada. We do more than just stay abreast of current legal developments. We help to shape policy by holding influential positions on professional committees and boards, and by being actively involved in the community. We continue to be on the cutting edge innovative legal theories. Call Max Today For A Canadian Immigration Consultation.

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