Canada immigration application status

By Author: Admin | January 3, 2011

Canada immigration application status

Checking on your Canada immigration application status can seem daunting and even a little off-putting. Maybe you think that by checking on it, you will somehow delay its progress through the many different departments and hands it must pass though.


Don’t worry!

Now, with the Internet at hand and many more government departments embracing it much more fully, it is much easier to do now than in years past.

Firstly, it must be said that applications that are exclusively handled on-line are much faster than paper-based applications. A visitors’ visa when processed by hand and by the old paper-based method is currently taking up to 160 days. The corresponding applications for a visitor’s visa when made via the Internet are taking approximately 56 days. The easiest way to check your Canada immigration application status is definitely on-line, and the Canadian Government’s website is very good for this.

The fastest visa applications are those being made on-line and for Off-Campus Work Permits, and they are only taking an average of 34 days.

A general work permit for a new employer is taking about 56 days when completed on-line, and about 73 days when done via the old paper method.

Those wishing to carry on working for the same employer must also wait about 56 days when applying on-line but up to 131 days for the old method.

Those wishing to apply for a study visa must wait 56 days via the Internet and up to 104 days via the paper method.

All the above figures are approximate and averaged out figures. If you want to know specifically how long your visa is likely to take, the Canadian Government also break down the waiting times by area.

For Europe, the wait can be anything from 2 days (Turkey, Serbia and Warsaw) to 7 days (Romania, The UK, Ukraine and Austria) to 14 days (Germany, France and Italy) to 28 days to Russia.

For the Americans, it can range from same day service in the Dominican Republic to just 7 days for Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Chile to up to 30 days from the USA. A note that the USA are installing at new computer system at this time, so you must allow up to 90 days before you plan to travel.

For Africa and the Middle East, in Ghana and Zimbabwe, they are offering same day service, 7 days service from Algeria, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa, 14 days service from The UAE and Tunisia. 21 days service is being offered in Jordan, Lebanon, Senegal, Syria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Israel and up to 42 days service in Iran.

For Asia and the Pacific, Taiwan is offering same day service while Hong Kong offers a 2 days service. Thailand, Mainland China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Singapore are offering 7 days service. India (Chandigarh), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, The Philippines and Australia are offering 14 days. Vietnam and South Korea offer 28 days with Pakistan offering 56 days – via London.

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