5 things you should know about the Canada immigration service

By Author: Admin | November 22, 2011

1)      The Canada immigration service screens everyone who tries to apply for citizenship as a security precaution. In these days of heightened security, Canada needs to make sure that anybody trying to achieve Canadian Status in thoroughlychecked. Canada’s first line of defence are the visa officers abroad. They are thoroughly trained to spot anyone suspicious, and send anyone who they feel may be a security risk on for further security checks. In the last five years, Canadian visa officers have caught more than 30,000 people trying to enter the country without the proper documentation.


2)      Refugees do not receive any more financial assistance than Canadian pensioners. This was a myth started by a letter to the editor of a national newspaper and contained incorrect information. The paper was mistaken into thinking that a one offpayment to a refugee was actually a monthly allowance. The paper immediately printed an apology to correct its error, but that didn’t stop the story going ‘viral’ over the internet.

3)      Marriages of convenience are not allowed under Canadian law. Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) officers and the Canadian immigration service are specially trained to spot anyone trying to flaunt these rules. They use many different techniques to uncover marriage fraud, including site visits, interviews with sponsors and applicants and thorough checks of all documentation. Anyone thinking of committing this offence must remember that for the first three years, the sponsor must be prepared to provide for their partner financially. If the relationship fails within the first three years, then the sponsor is still liable and must pay back any claim the spouse makes on the state for financial assistance. If a couple are found to have entered a marriage of convenience, then action may be taken and the claimant may be deported back to their country of origin.

4)      If you are a worker without valid residency and work documents in Canada, then you are an illegal alien. The law is there to protect Canada, and the Canadian immigration service will help to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Every year, tens of thousands of people are welcomed into Canada, and they have to meet certain requirements before they arrive, whether they are coming as students, business class immigrant or temporary works. They go through security and medical screening and they have to have a criminal records check. Anyone who enters the country without these checks is breaking the law, and they may be deported.

5)      The Canada immigration service indirectly helps Canadian families adopt children from abroad, but this process can take between six to eight months as a minimum after the adoption has taken place. This is a long and complex process, and there have recently been changes to the law (April 17, 2009, ‘Citizenship law and adoption’). In these cases it is wise to retain the services of a specialist immigration lawyer.

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